Who we are

Inspired by global trends and especially African fashion, OBA Designs by NJE uses African textiles, known as ankara, in trendy clothing designs and home accessories. Oba Designs caters to all women’s shapes, sizes, accessory and décor preferences. It embraces the boldness, confidence and vibrancy in each woman. The batik and box printing technique of Ankara produces a slightly different look in each design making each and every piece unique and unmatched. Ankara, made from 100% cotton veritable wax prints, is embraced by western African countries and will soon have worldwide resonance. Founded in 2012 by Nnene Janice Essien, OBA Designs by NJE is heavily influenced by her Nigerian roots. She is passionate about introducing all things African to western culture and has a nuanced understanding of what all women want to embody by their fashion choices.